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Preparing Start-Up and Early Stage Companies for Investment in our Private Venture Fund

COMMONWEALTH CAPITAL: Capitalizing Start-Up & Early Stage Companies— exclusively, since 1998. As former Wall Street Investment Bankers and experts in matters related to selling securities, we are intimately familiar with the criteria employed by institutional sources of capital looking to fund “quality deal flow.”

We apply standard corporate engineering principles to start-up & early stage companies so they become the “quality deal flow” we seek for pre-IPO investment in our private investment fund; Commonwealth Capital Income Fund I. We then prepare them for future growth through acquisitions and/or plan and execute an exit. Our goal is to become “The Source for Quality Deal Flow” for Wall Street IPOs and or Strategic Sales.

Automated filtration of start-up & early stage company deal flow through our Sprocket Network™ & New Business Network™ enables us to efficiently “cherry pick” companies that are considered quality deal flow and are worthy of a pre-IPO investment in our private investment fund for an eventual Wall Street IPO or strategic sale. However, unlike other venture capital firms, we capitalize start-up & early stage companies and therefore, we do not reject 98% of that deal flow. For those who have yet to qualify, we recycle them through our Sprocket Network™ platform with the Sprocket Blueprint™ corporate engineering process. Sprocket Blueprint’s™ process, enables entrepreneurs to redesign their legal, operational and financial structures to raise substantial amounts of capital, while maintaining the vast majority of equity ownership and voting control to attract quality directors and sales distributors simultaneously.

Our company headquarters are located in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in Chicago, IL. We have company, as well as independent representation in various cities within the U.S. Our Sprocket Network™ is international in scope, design and depth.

The commercialization of innovation benefits society in many ways. However, most would be shocked at the number of innovations unable to be commercialized due to the lack of available capital for start-up and early stage companies. We love what we do because it’s a blast!! Can you imagine all the cool companies and inventions we get to see and can become a part of? However, we can’t invest in or service every start-up & early stage company, but through automation our New Business Network™ and Sprocket Network™ platforms can enable any company to become the “quality deal flow” investors, directors and sales distributors seek and literally go from Idea to IPO.

Now – 24/7/365

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Timothy Daniel Hogan

CEO Commonwealth Capital, Mr. Hogan has been in the Investment Banking and Securities Industry, since May 5th 1985. He's held Six (6) NASD/FINRA securities licenses and registrations primarily of 'Principal' status. Mr. Hogan is a former Director of ... read more
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